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As jmcc will tell you, a LOT of Irish sites don't have any meta tags or what they have is pure junk.
And then there are the absolute SEO experts who actually reinvent the META tag format thus causing problems with the parsers. :)

With the rise of Google, some website owners began to think that the meta data was less important. However a lot of them never used meta data in the first place.

Some seemingly high profile sites still don't use meta data. I'm not sure if this is down to SEO being marketed as a value added service or the webdevs being clueless about SEO. In most cases, unfortunately, it is the latter. Simple things like descriptions or even a distinct title for each pages can make a lot of difference.

I'm no expert but a page that starts with http:// instead of https:// would seem to be a problem to me. I don't know why they didn't just use paypal instead.
What I did have a problem with was the way their payment page is not secure.
What page is that?

There's some weirdness going on with their SSL cert(s).

First the "Table Bookings" page brings you to some Business & Finance IE account on shared hosting at That cert shows up in Firefox as not being verified or encrypted (the more worrying issue). On closer examination, it's an Equifax cert (in date) and appears to be valid. So it looks like the Google Analytics code references "http" and not "https" (even though they give you code to automatically adjust!). It might be just that that's making Firefox diss the cert?

Secondly, the nominations page used a cert (with Business & Finance as the O) on the domain this time. Again, though, Firefox report site "not encrypted", but if you dig deeper it's only "Parts of the page..." and, again, it's the GA include code that's referencing "http://".

So maybe just fixing the GA includes would resolve the problems, but certainly both "secure" pages (where payment is accepted) are appearing as https and do have seemingly valid SSL certs behind them.


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very succinct Blacknight. The page I was on was the nominations payment form and it was very definitely showing up on my FF3 as http://
I just tried it now and it's going over SSL. However, it's also accessible without SSL if you edit the address in the toolbar

The form validation isn't particularly good though
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