Google search settings missing?

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Trying to search for stuff today and found that google' search filters (the options down the left to refine by date, type, country, etc) are missing.
It's only happening in Chrome - IE is OK (haven't checked Firefox).

Problem happens both signed in and signed out.

Looking in developer tools, they're there but the whole #leftnav div is set to display:none so they're not showing.

Is this just me?


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I think I've worked out what happened. Unfortunately, now it's fixed I can't give a screenshot :)

You know they've been messing around recently with hiding the search filters left sidebar, and just having the word 'Everything' at the top, and when you click on that it shows the filters? It was enabled for some users, and I was getting that earlier this week.
Earlier today I was getting nothing at all - no filter list and no 'Everything' heading.

If I tried IE (which I never normally use), logged in or out, I was getting the full search filter list by default.

After trying everything else in Chrome like disabling all my plugins, I eventually copped on to logging out and deleting any google search related cookies.
I'm now getting the full search filter list in Chrome too, logged in or out.

I'm guessing that there was some setting in one of the cookies causing the search filters to be hidden in favour of the 'everything' heading. But then they changed something to remove that too, so in Chrome I was seeing nothing. Since I never use IE, there was no cookie there, so it was working fine.

I'm really hating Google these days.


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They've been "playing" with a lot of the options on search pages - I keep seeing stuff appearing and disappearing as well


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I'm gutted to hear - what else isn't working for you ?
- the monochrome redesign of Google Reader months ago that made it painful to use;
- whatever changes they've recently made to Gmail's spam filters that are suddenly flagging loads of legit mails (including IWF thread notifications, hence this late reply!)
- most of all, withholding referrer data from websites and then claiming that they're doing so for the benefit of user privacy.
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