grappling with configing HTTPD

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  1. paul

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    I have an issue with httpd causing spikes in the load on my VPS. And I'm trying to see what's the best way to tackle fixing it, or optimizing what resources I give to apache.

    Where can I start ? A snapshot of from top. The load averages seem okay, but that might be off as I'm on a VPS, and I read that you can't always trust that number.
    Are these values okay or insanely high?
    Specs of the VPS are here, Blacknight Business+ VPS

    My sites don't get crazy traffic, probably less than 10,000 uniques per day (i need to check). There are 60 domains hosted on the VPS. So far I've been happy with the VPS, since upgrading to PLESK 11 (sorry I don't have time to deal with a server without a panel) I've been getting these notices.

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