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Discussion in 'Marketplace Requests' started by riches, May 21, 2013.

  1. riches

    riches New Member

    Hi all My name is Richard Im currently Starting a Social Media Group that I would like to have once a month and progress not only my experience but help any others in the same position. Im calling out for anyone in the social media industry willing to help out and maybe help me push this group forward. Anyone is free to come and anyone in the industry willing to share some knowledge and time is welcome too. Thanks for your time and hoped to see all soon.
    Social Mediaites Dublin (Dublin) - Meetup
  2. link8r

    link8r New Member

    Best of luck Riches. You might want to declare who your audience is - is it marketers, is it social, is it for professionals, for vendors, educationalists or is it for training SME's.

    Also, what type of people are you looking for?
  3. riches

    riches New Member

    Hi Thanks link8r your right the Focus would be Social Media Systems Management But I would love all aspects of the industry to come down and Give some knowledge I'm open to all aspects if it ties into social media I'm keen to hear it If you have real world experience from Marketing to Facebook come and share your experience good bad or otherwise .

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