guides html and css,

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There is tons of information on the Internet already on HTML and CSS. You can readily access the information there or if you really want hard copy information then you should use the pages referred to in the forum which asre good starts and you can print off from there.

HTML Tutorial

W3C XHTML2 Working Group Home Page

These are good starting points. And shamelessly taken from another post

A List Apart: A List Apart is a good start, but can be somewhat confusing when you get started.

Also try HTML and CSS Tutorials, References, and Articles | HTML Dog

However I think the best way to learn HTML and CSS is to start developing your own web pages, look at other web pages source code for examples and tips and then slowly but surely develop your own style (or not).

My own experience is that if you do this you may not become an expert in HTML and CSS but you will have enough skills to do a decent site and there are enough templates out there whether for a CMS or for a simple brochure site that will allow you get started.

Good luck:p
Not open for further replies.
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