Happy Birthday Emails - Suggestions Welcome

Discussion in 'Forum Feedback, Development and Competitions' started by mneylon, Jan 23, 2012.

  1. mneylon

    mneylon Administrator Staff Member

    In common with pretty much every other forum on the planet, this site sends out birthday emails to members.
    And .. since I've never been that inspired, the subject line is the same as just about every other vbulletin install on the planet.

    So does anyone have any suggestions for a better subject line (and even content!) ?
  2. nevf

    nevf New Member

    Subject? I dunno? Maybe

    - not mentioning the word 'happy' or 'birthday' - Just to be really really different :p

    I like the content of the Today FM one:
  3. mneylon

    mneylon Administrator Staff Member

    That's not bad :)
    I've taken to wishing people a "happy getting older day" on Facebook, though I'm not sure if forum members would appreciate / get that .. or maybe they would?
  4. robert45

    robert45 New Member

    Happy Birthday, Neville!

    You thought you could keep it quiet, didn't you!! We hope you have a really nice day.

    As always, we appreciate you being a loyal listener.

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