Have you experienced the New Google Page Rank Update

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Friends do you have experienced the new Google page rank update? It is unconfirmed observation (not officially from Google) that the page ranks are updated during last week. I too have observed that my sites are gaining good page rank after that update but still i do not have any official statement from any of the experts.
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Oh yes I have been hammered, I got hit last year from a 4 to a 3 and found the dodgy link.

On Thursday I was feeling all smug that my newly designed site had a 100% organic traffic tranaction rate, I was very puzzled to have no orders at all over the weekend (I sell jewellery and it is December)

I had a look in webmaster tools and placed an order from my phone and the site, then I saw the toolbar and nearly had a canary

I have never bought backlinks, only have high pr niche directories, no black hat, I follow all the rules and BAM!

I am now afraid to post on forums in case there is a link I have not found that is causing me grief so from now on I am incognito and changing my name from Silverbling to Itsasecret.ie!

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I've been hit so hard, all my sites have experienced a page rank drop.
I am really sorry for your lose. Actually after a long time the update came with so hard to the majority and became a disaster for web world. But i am pleased that i have given a reward of Pr 3 for one of my site from 0.
That update came out of no where , only a couple months ago Matt Cutts said page rank was not going to be updated. Many other seo forums where saying PR was on the way out just proves that high pr sites are still relevant. Most our own sites actually came up in PR which is good. But I bought some High Pr domains for new site idea recently and all the PR have fizzled to 0 which now seems like a waste of money. You live and you learn
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