Have you upgraded to Firefox 3 yet?

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Have you upgraded to Firefox 3 yet?

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I downloaded firefox3 in my system. This version introduces a multitude of safety and usability features. The location bar drop-down menu now includes URLs from both your browsing history and your bookmarks. A new Add-Ons manager includes a built-in plug-in search engine, saving you the previous trip to the Mozilla Web site. Single-click the star icon on the right of the location bar to bookmark the current page, or double-click on it to simultaneously add and edit the bookmark entry. You can tag bookmarks, too. Other impressive new features include password confirmation before adding it to the saved passwords list, the ability to pause and resume downloads, and merged forward and backward history lists.
I like it, It seems much faster and has a nice clean interface. One thing I do not like about firefox is the search box at the bottom of the window. I wish the either had it floating or at the top. Maybe there is a setting somewhere which does this.