Hello Everyone

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Hi David

Welcome to IWF. Tell us a little more. What is the market out here for Gaeilic translation services? Interested to know.

My name is David, and I just joined the website since I own a Gaeilge teaching and translation service. I look forward to working with all of you.
Hello Kieran,

Thanks for your response! The Translation service section of the website is intended for those who want phrases or words translated for tattoos or other specialized occasions. For example, next month I'll be reciting a Gaeilge poem for my cousin's wedding at a Renaissance fair. Teaching is more practical but I'm offering the translations just in case someone has a special need for them.
Welcome Irish Ancestor - we have a small Irish - American Facebook page who absolutely love anything As Gaelge - so if you have anything you want us to share, let me know
Not open for further replies.
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