Help finding shared hosting with MySql 5.3

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Hi all,

I'm installing a few Moodle 2.2 sites for schools (so low budget etc.). Moodle 2.2 needs MySql 5.3 at least and installing any older version is counter-productive.

However, I've tried 3 popular hosters (no names in fairness) for Shared Linux hosting, but they only have MySql 5.2.17 with no plans to upgrade.
Can anyone point me in the right direction please? thanks!


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I *think* the problem is that MySQL 5.3 might only be available on some Linux distros, whereas most hosts would be sticking with stable versions of RedHat Enterprise or Centos (or maybe Cloud Linux).
A possible solution would be to get your own cloud server and setup all the clients under that?


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OK - thanks for the update.
I'm tempted to try a cloud server just to see what the fuss is about ;)

Although I have reseller type accounts where I can give a school cheap hosting for a Moodle or website - a Cloud Server might make management (of clients and also of the server environment) easier and more scaleable - but I'm not sure of costs etc. I'll follow through - thanks!


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More questions :)
For Cloud Hosting, should I choose 1 or 2 below (or other) in a scenario where I have to set up & host say 20 Joomla sites and 20 Moodle sites over the next 6 months?

1) Cloud Linux or
2) Jumpbox of some sort

I'd like to provide clients with control panel for email.
I'd like to get best performance (eg 40 sites on Cloud Linux might be faster than 40 VMs /Jumpboxes)
I'd like to tweek Moodles (Jumpbox Moodle might be different in some way?)
I'd like to minimise management. Which is the least work - managing 40 (Jumpbox) VMs or 40 sites in traditional structure on Cloud Linux (V-Hosts / Apache records / etc. for each domain)

I could be asking all the wrong questions!?! - but any help would be greatly appreciated!
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