Help !- Looking for a single sign on Web Portal system

Would appreciate any leads...I am looking for an SSO Web Portal which enables the user to select his own web destinations for sso click-on. So, for example, the user logs into the system, and then records links (incl passwords) to any web destinations he's interested in; and later can click to go to these, without entering urls or credentials, when he logs into the sytem, from any PC.
Thanks for your help...No, its not exactly what I am referring to...As the PING guy says in the article : "Oberg acknowledged that reduced rather than "single| sign-on was often the end result of deployments because as "soon as you get on app that isn't anticipated" or one that lack SSO hooks, then users have to sign into it separately."....There seems to be only one service where this is not a problem..i.e. where the user can record his own list of apps, or any other password-connected webplace- which he can later access via the sso one password entry and that's (Users keep their usernames and passwords for any web places, but don't have to remember them or enter them once they go to these places via Netsso. This might be of interest to Irish web masters..)
SSO is network based, If I save my SSO details from a system in my office to a specific website then from my home access the same website SSO will not work as i am not part of that specific network for which I entered the SSO details.

I hope this clarifies the SSO type you are looking for, You have to define the Federation, LDAP or SAMP to use SSO, You can have the SSO assigned to a specific IP Address or IP Range but to do so, you have to add the exception in web.config or .htaccess and I really dont think there will be site / forum which will allows uses to write directly to the config file.

Have a look here might help you though
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