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Dear webmasters,

At this moment I’m busy with linkbuilding for my websites.
My question to you is if you know some websites with a high pagerank , where I can submit my sites to for free.

Thank you


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Sites with high PR are not going to just link to you unfortunately. If you wish to find sites with high PR anyway just google "high pr site lists" you will find a lot on forums.


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First the question is what type of marketing strategy the high page sites you are looking for? If you are looking for high pr directories, forums, articles, social book marking, blogs, press release, web 2.0 websites or any other you can google them by using multiple keywords like high page rank directory list, high page rank article list and vise verse.


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Find sites with in your niche that will take guest posts. I would go mad on the keyword rich anchor text links in these guest posts as it might leave a foot print. I always make 4 or five generic links every time I get a keyword rich anchor text link


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I totally agree here. There's a huge number of High PR sites from Article Submission, Bookmarking, Weblog and Magazine sites. In order to find them and know their PR information, use an online tool like SEO Quirk, it automatically displays its Pagerank when opening a website.


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Joining a web 2.0 site is an excellent method of developing search engine friendly links.

Also There are many others way, which you can do but mostly it’s back links which helps. Try to maintain a consistency in back-link building process, which makes it very effective, else too many huge spikes might be a bad idea. You can use backlink checker tools to see how much is your back-link, and you can set a target to get more backlinks and start working from today...

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You asked... "High Page Rank Sites" for your link building without money. Yes there have lots of sites from social media, book marking, forum, etc. but don't forget to take them without proper consideration or reflection.


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High page rank websites are very important to make the posting especially to rank faster.Posting websites in high domain authority sites will increase the ranking as well.
Well Google page rank is not a ranking factor. so for links we just need quality and relevent links for increase visibility in search engine

Clark Richard

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PageRank. If you do SEO or are involved with Google or search, you’ll come across this topic at some point. You’ll also likely be confused by what exactly PageRank means. To solve that, here’s a guide to PageRank, designed for searchers and site owners alike.


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At first, you need to create some good content on your site, then you have to find some site with high PageRank on your niche and try to collect backlink from these sites by submitting some content or other way.


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You need to do following submissions -
1. Directory Submission
2. Social Bookmarking
3. Article Submission
4. PDF Submission
5. PPT Submission
6. Press Release Submission

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