Hosting Charge

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Just doing up a costing for quite a large client. Design cost is fine - just wondering what costing to put on the hosting side of things.

Basically look at 150K Page Impressions Per Month ad also need to allow for online ordering (SSL)..

Anyone have any idea what a reasonable charge would be for hosting?



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you're a bit bare on information paul...
do you need dedicated hosting or shared?
what platform?
what database do you require?
storage space?

Sorry about that. I have a reseller account already so hosting is sorted. Really looking to know what I should re-charge, i.e. what the going rate would be for a site with this traffic...

Between 10 and 20 email addresses
Storage space not really an issue
Linux Based



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look at what other hosting companies are charging and ask for the same price as you have a reseller account, the add the price for the SSL cert.
Is not good to overcharge as sooner or later they might find out and it won't be nice to get a good client asking questions of what and why.

I've had a look around but have seen varying figures.
I am just looking to come up with a fair rate inclusive of the SSL Cert.
Last thing I want is to over-charge, that's why I am checking on here..
Will you also be doing support? Don't forget that... most large clients will be OK with paying a premium as long as the support and uptime meets their expectations.