Hosting365 Servers not in Ireland?

Discussion in 'Hosting' started by Tasty, Jun 7, 2012.

  1. Tasty

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    I have noticed my sites took a sudden drop in the google results. In particular i noticed this,(just in the last 2 days) When i searched for my main keyword i was 2nd behind Wikipedia, but when i clicked "Pages from Ireland", I was now NO.1 . But NOW when i click "Pages from Ireland" my sites disappear from the results along with Wikipedia. This is from Hosting 365, its all i can find "Wednesday 20th& 27th February 2008 As part of our ongoing programme to improve the service we provide, we will be upgrading all three of our name servers,, and Two of the servers will be moving out of country to independent networks in London (ns2) and Amsterdam (ns3), both at the heart of European internet infrastructure. ns1 is being replaced with a new machine dedicated to authoritative DNS service. As a result of this move, the IP addresses associated with these machines will be changing: NS1 currently will change to NS2 currently will change to NS3 currently will change to Are they possibly doing something to fool google, but now its fallen on its ass? Or is google doing some weird update? Any insight would be much appreciated.
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    Hosting365 doesn't exist anymore
    Register365 was acquired by / Dada
    Sungard took over the dedicated servers and cloud stuff that was last under the Hosting365 brand, so I'm not sure which company you're referring to
  3. Tasty

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    Hi Blacknight
    They do exist alright, i sign in through and i renew through register365, anyway i really want to understand this "authoritative DNS service" is this basically a proxy of sorts and the sites are hosted in London or Amsterdam, I did a Reverse Traceroute on the IP of my domains and it showed London as 1 of the ports of call. However this would be from an american site so maybe it goes through London anyway. As i said earlier when i click "Pages from Ireland" i now disappear from results?

    Just looked in webmaster tools and this drop in speed looks pretty sudden

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  4. mneylon

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    The IPs for the nameservers shouldn't have any impact.

    The IPs for the webservers themselves could have an impact

    And it sounds like you're hosting with Register365
  5. Tasty

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    Thanks for getting back Blacknight
    I dont know whether to just switch nameservers or wait and see, as i said i was top for my serch term for a couple of years.
    This is so sudden and severe, i dont think its googles algorithm deciding I'm "that" irrelevent all of a sudden. I've always had hassle with register/hosting 365, such as servers down, mail unavailable, removal of webshell access, etc etc
    Seems Sungardas now runs Hosting365 and Namesco runs Register365
    I hope they haven't done something with the servers thats caused my site to get demoted in Google
    My livelyhood is on the line!
  6. mneylon

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  7. Tasty

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    Something i spotted in Google Analytics>

    Site Speed Overview
    Country/Territory------- Avg. Page Load Time (sec)
    1.United Kingdom-------- 0.51
    2.Ireland---------- 1.70

    Perhaps more evidence of the servers being in UK?

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