How can I move a suspended website to a new host without access to cpanel?

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Joseph Ryan

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My website was suspened yesterday with no reason given. I sent support ticket at 4.36pm Wednesday and still no reply now at 12.15pm Thursday. I tried phoning, no reply. I emailed support, no reply.
So how can I move domain to a new host without access to cpanel?
I've explained the problem to my client. He says get a new domain name and build the site again.(bet you guys wish you had clients like that). But its a pity to lose the domain name(and it's .ie) Its been going for over 2 years and the client admits it has gotten him a lot of business.
Admittedly I only have one site and its just wordpress when you guys have dozens even hundreds, but I'm proud of it and I think it is of a high standard so I hate to lose it.
I don't know much about DNS and the like so is this a lost cause?
(to prempt the question-the host is register365)


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Sounds like a billing issue...have you paid you hosting up to date? Do you have any outstanding invoices?

Have you exceeded your bandwidth allowance?

You also stand to lose all your previously gained SEO ground if you just drop the site and create a new one....unless you tell the serps about the move...

Joseph Ryan

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Hi php.alstar,
1. The billing is the first thing I checked, no prob.
2. The site has never used more than a small percent of allowance.
3. It will be a pity to lose SEO gained but the site does not depend on it. Most visitors are from handouts at the wedding venue and through facebook from guests.

Joseph Ryan

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Is 24 hours a long time (relative to hosting companies) to wait for a reply from support at Register365?(still waiting)


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Hi Joseph,

I'm having the exact same problem with the same host. My bills were paid too, and I received no notice or reason for the suspension, nor can I contact them. I'm beginning to fear the worst as I heard on the grapevine that they've had an accident and deleted accounts along with all data. I have tried contacting Namesco (the UK company that bought them) but no reply yet either.
FTP access fails, mysql connect fails, mail fails... I just hope they have backups :neglected:


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They don't have any right to withhold your files or database and they don't need to enable your account again to send you a backup of your website. (If they are decent), they will do it at request.

Lastly, choose your web hosts carefully. Personally speaking, I've used every host in Ireland; only to be disappointed. Who are you planning on hosting with?


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If the domain is a .ie you can transfer it to another provider without too many issues
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