How I make some extra money from my websites time every week.

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Hi there,

I own a couple of websites that I started pretty much as a hobby. Never actually believed you could make money from them.

So I stated with Google Adsense and make a whole €4.54 in my first week!

I have since move on to farmore lucrative monetisation methods which don't include ugly google ads!

I will give you this ebook and there are websites mentioned inside that will help you make quite a lot every week. I make about €150/week from these now! So enjoy!

Basically you will place banners on your website that when your visitors click on them they will be asked to sign up to a website wher they can make money filling out forms.

The beauty is that you (having referred them) will make 20% of what they earn and 10% of their referrals earnings (i.e the people that get referred by the people you referred).

This monetisation model will suit everybody's websites that have visitors of any age, race and/or sex, especially with all the high unemployment in Ireland!


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Dude .. are you serious ? ... Get rich quick schemes ? First post ? .... you're very close to a ban for life :) Thank you come again
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