How to clean an exploited website?

Discussion in 'Security' started by Apollo, Aug 25, 2010.

  1. Apollo

    Apollo New Member

    Hi all.
    I'll get straight to the point:

    I have several websites, and I work with other ones. I wouldn't be a big time web developer or coder, but I do know my way around the neighbourhood.

    However, some of my websites were flagged by Google recently as containing malware; infected with Javascript, it seems, and other pieces of garbage that point to .ru domains and other .js pages, all exploits it seems.

    One site contains Wordpress, and I did an automatic reinstall and it seemed clear. However, people are worrying me as they notice its still kicking off errors and warnings. AVG's online scanner indicates there is a ""Link to Exploit Site (type 1334)"", yet I thought I cleaned most of it, if not all, away.

    Has anyone any advice on the problem and how to deal with it?
    I have heard rumours that my FileZilla could have been exploited due to the passwords being stored in plain text, but it doesn't all add-up.

    I appreciate the help.

    (Please note, I can't publicly, I think, post links to the websites, as I am not in ownership of all the sites involved, and I don't really want the URL's being linked to this post :) )
  2. Byron

    Byron New Member

    Hello Apollo,

    It can be a tricky issue dealing with getting domains cleared after they have been flagged, but most services like AVG do have contact info on their sites for getting reincluded. Google tends to forget after a while, on the surface anyway, but will continue to secretly flag your sites.

    The best solution here is to avoid it happening again, and figure out how it did happen in the first place!

    Hope someone else can be of more help with more expertise in the area.

  3. Apollo

    Apollo New Member

    Thanks for your message Byron.

    Google deflagged them, and all seems okay.
    However, I just want to try and clean any stray bits. Clearly one can't go through every line of code in thousands of pages.

    That's my current issue.

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