how to group send html/pdf Newsletter to HSE clients if text is their default setting

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I'm trying to figure out away to distribute our company's newsletter to clients within the HSE.

My contacts there tell me that text-only emails are the norm and internet is restricted.

Ideally I would have liked to have use constant contact because of the functionality it offers but even when I send a text newsletter to myself it falls down on impact.

The alternative is to send pdf versions of the newsletter as an attachement. Is there an off the shelf solution to sutomating this.

By doing it this way would info like open-rates etc be denied to me as not html?

Now I stand to be corrected on the HSE policy for internet use & email formatting. Anyone have any experience of reaching clients in this sector with HTML newsletter, what sort of open rate, click thru rates did you achieve.

I greatly welcome your thoughts on this.



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one more thing

Would going down the attachment route mean "unsubscribe" functionality would be denied to me?

I'm considering using outlook to bcc: with pdf attached.

Your feedback would be most welcome



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I'd recommend a different approach altogether -

1. Set up a wordpress blog and post the newsletter content there.
2. Use an Aweber autoresponder to aggregate the rss feed into a weekly digest and mail it to your readers.
3. Use short emails with links to the blog.


1. A blog is social - it's a 2-way conversation with your readers and is far more powerful than sending a newsletter. You can build a far better relationship that way.

2. Aweber requires readers to opt-in. Permission is fundamental for the sucess of any newsletter. Even for internal emails. Getting the reader to take the action of opting in is very important for creating an active readership.
It's easy enough to do - just add an incentive. Contests are perfect.

3. You want people to visit the blog. That's where the interection should be.

This way you get to track everything - clicks, readership, best content etc.
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