How to noindex "no content pages" of wordpress that links to images?

Discussion in 'Blogs & Blogging' started by M@rc, Dec 29, 2012.

  1. M@rc

    M@rc Member

    With wordpress, you can insert an image and choose one of three options :

    1. link to the image.
    2. link to a web page with the image (the web page is created by wordpress just to display the images alone)
    3. none of the above (insert normal image with no link).

    For option #2, how do I noindex the pages that displays the image(s)?
    I want to noindex 'em because Google indexes the pages and the only content it has are the images on the page with HTML titles of my website's front page descriptions, etc.
  2. mneylon

    mneylon Administrator Staff Member

    Maybe look at Yoast's SEO plugin - I think there's an option to control that available ....
  3. M@rc

    M@rc Member

    Is it the "redirect attachment URLs to parent post URL" option Via permalinks in Yoast?
  4. mneylon

    mneylon Administrator Staff Member

    That might be one option - the other is under the "titles & metas" where you can specify noindex, nofollow for pretty much any type you like
  5. M@rc

    M@rc Member

    I'm guessing it's under "post types" and "media". I've already used the "redirect attachment URLs to parent post URL" option. I'm not sure if Adsense will allow ads to be displayed on hundreds of pages with only images (although images can be considered as content), so I think this might be the better option for me.

    ...of course, correct me if I'm wrong, :)

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