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Discussion in 'Online Marketing Discussion' started by laser212, Mar 22, 2010.

  1. laser212

    laser212 New Member

    Help plz im lookin for sugestions on how to promote my websites

    her they are in plain text

    im desperate iv tried evrything :confused:
  2. dropbop

    dropbop New Member

    Hi Laser212,

    Firstly, you will need to start getting some content on the site. If its got nothing on it then Google wont bother with it.

    Also, when you have some content on it, set up a Google account and add a site map to Google via webmasters tools
    You could also submit your site to search engines.
    Posting interesting comments on blogs and forums that are relevant to your own site with links (not spammy ones) back to your site can help too.
  3. empowered seo

    empowered seo New Member

    You need to first deisgn your website well and make it search engine friendly. You need to optmise your website for keywords you want to rank for.

    You need to then build links for your site and also promote it on facebook.

    Some more tips on website promotion
  4. synapsis

    synapsis New Member

    I can emphasize with not understanding how hard it can be to get your site off the ground. As previously stated, get some content on there. Make sure its good content. Make sure that its got some nice rich keywords in there that you want to target. Also, make sure that you link your pages together as search engines like sites that are very well organized. From there you will have a lot more of work to do, but this is just the first tip ;)

    For your forum site, that's going to take awhile to build up. You have to make connections on other forums and get people to see what your doing as worth something, and they will start to come to yours because they found value in what you were talking about on another forum. Also, you need people to start posting topics and comments. Yeah that can be a full time job, but you need this to happen every day as it will help.

    Good luck :D
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  5. Deminder

    Deminder New Member

    Content+ promotion (social networks, viral marketing, linkbuilding, etc.)
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    Google rates its own YouTube service links very highly and a popular video can drive quality traffic to your site for free.

    Make a few videos of popular cheat, "how to's" and you will build a base of loyal site users, when your site is in order.

  7. How do you figure?
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  8. derekh

    derekh New Member

    I would suggest learning about article marketing. Just do a search on google and you will find many usefull resources
  9. lisa76

    lisa76 New Member

    If your new in this kind of business and you have no budget to hire the expert SEO to promote your site, try to search in google. You can find lots of tutorial in all methods to promote sites. From directory submission, article submission, press release, social media and you can also post
    your site to free ads online and many more.

    You can count on to MR.GOOGLE...

    Good luck!

  10. TwoHeadsWebDesign

    TwoHeadsWebDesign New Member

    guys this is all just spam, these posters are merely trying to get their site ranked by hyperlinking it in a genuine discussion forum, thus reducing value of genuine posts. Please check the links carefully before replying of offering any advice. Just my 2 cents worth.
  11. bober

    bober New Member

    I'll 2nd that.
  12. TwoHeadsWebDesign

    TwoHeadsWebDesign New Member

    actually just to clarify my point on double checking their sites before giving out valuable advice, i personally right click copy paste into the browser so they dont even get the value of a click-through from the forum
  13. HubberZero

    HubberZero New Member

    I'll 3rd that!
  14. dropbop

    dropbop New Member

    I agree with you there. I post on many forums and the amount of crap on some of them that looks like a legit post just for backlinks is unreal.
    Be good to have some sort of plugin where all links are nofollow until you hit a certain amount of posts. That wont stop people clicking though, but will put some people off posting any old crap just to get backlink.
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  15. Elegant_Designs

    Elegant_Designs New Member

    If you have a database you should start doing email marketing, usually for those who have none they start off with their own friends first, include social sharing into your site while your at it
  16. Patrick Byrne

    Patrick Byrne New Member

    I find facebook is an excellant way of getting your message out there..

    First of all having your website content of good quality is the stepping stone and a must.
    then you will see an improvement in your search engine ranking.
    With regular updates on your facebook page that will be viewed by all your firends or likes. This will generate traffic to your website and increase page ranking.
  17. mneylon

    mneylon Administrator Staff Member

    I think we tried that on here at one stage .. or maybe it was simply a case of blocking links until people had a certain number of posts .. in either case the problem didn't really go away, as the spammers just posted plausible stuff until they could post links, spammed and then left .. the new "solution" is a bit more drastic and involves blocking a load of countries from the site entirely (though I think I might just block them from the registration pages .. nothing wrong with them reading and clicking on ads :) )
  18. mneylon

    mneylon Administrator Staff Member

    Since when does traffic have impact on page rank?
  19. Patrick Byrne

    Patrick Byrne New Member

    Yes I have to admit my post dosen't read write..
    I didn't mean traffic can increase your ranking. I was trying to say that regular quality updates to your website and social media links can help your page ranking
  20. link8r

    link8r New Member

    read right, right?

    That's quite a leap of logic Patrick. That's the eternaly myth - that regular updates help your ranking. What if you completely update your site to no longer include words you used to - you risk losing rank too. Social Media links add different things but they're weighting is strictly limited. Also, some types SM links are only visible if you're connected. And it doesn't approve the position, it just shows someone in your network may have linked to it.

    The impact of both types of SM links are debatable.

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