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I *think* SEOMoz were doing some experiments on this recently .. the problem with a lot of social media sites is that they are "walled gardens" to a point. I can "share" a link on Facebook, which might increase traffic to a site, but it's not an actual "link" that Google or any other bot can see ..
Google Plus, however, could have an impact, though I gather that the jury is still out on how that manifests itself
The kind of thing I'm seeing now is that sites / pages that my "network" has mentioned on various social media sites are being "flagged" in the Google search results - though if I wasn't logged in to Google I wouldn't see them. (I tried to put some thoughts on this down the other day: Will Google+ (Plus) Finally Be Google's Social Media Success Story? )
There have been some interesting tests going on - for example Rand Fishkin was testing group search CTR on twitter (but typical US-orientated view, only worked if you were the US - other searches show different results). But walled Garden is pretty much it. Its like personalised search and comments. Plus it's not always well connected and I've noticed it doesn't show if a site was shared or not quite often!

I'll take a look at your blog post - thanks for sharing.


Rand Fiskin did a blog post on it the other day but the 'bump' he discussed was based on his huge following.
Promote it through social media - facebook, twitter etc - create page and/or use ad's
Promote through Google Adwords
Promote through SEO, it will take time but is a guaranteed way to get traffic
You ask 100 online marketers this question and you'll get 100 different answers - and to be fair none of them wrong. We all have different approaches to this age old problem. My view is that the balance of promotion, whether working on organic search, social media, PPC and other traffic buying will shift depending on where you are in the life cycle of your business.

I do think though that it's important though whether you're a small affiliate to a large corporate to be clinical about how you spend money and tracking the rewards you get from each penny spent. It's all too easy to spend 50 Euros here and there on different ideas and write it off as an "experiment" if it doesn't work. As such if you do go down the traffic buying root be very careful - there are far too many rogue traffic sellers offering "pop-under" or "banner packages" for 50 Euros and simply deliver 100% fake traffic. You won't get your money money back. So do your research, make sure you check the traffic they're sending you and ask for a refund if its fake!

And most of all - good luck! :D
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