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I also learned XML, ASP and Javascript from that site. I'd say it the most straight forward site out there at the mo.

It's a good site if you just want to brush up on programming knowledge also.
when i started i got the book html for dummies online its great to get you going , ive since went way beyond that and took college classes for php . asp ect... so it helped inspire me
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I've just started ma new classes of HTML but not getting much from that.. so can u please help me or suggest me something online HTML book stores on internet...



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I started out with reading "Build Your Own Web Site The Right Way Using HTML & CSS" . Excellent book and covers all basic of html/css.
I second w3schools. When I was in college, we learned ALL our XHTML and XML stuff from that site. I still have the book we were made buy right beside me and it's nothing compared to w3schools.
I "third" w3Schools, xD That's where I started learning it all, :p
First, I read the contents of the website then followed the basic steps with my computer/notepad and now I'm building websites and designing web pages, :)
I will go for the W3schools, their courses are very simple to understand specially the html course, but you can find more free courses on the web doing a little search.
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