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  1. M@rc

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    I'm curious to know if you're using HTML5 to build your next upcoming website.
  2. mindlesswizard

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  3. nathan.joshua

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    It's not going to be a standard until 2014. I wouldn't worry too much about it until then.

    I won't be using HTML5 to build websites until my competition start doing it.
  4. M@rc

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    Can you link me please? I'd like to have a look if you don't mind, xD

    Right! Following the competition.. That's a "great" idea, eh...
    Nah.. If you follow your competition, how will you ever surpass them? I'm just curious to know, that's all, ;)
  5. Beno27

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    I think it's only a matter of time, everyone will be using it eventually.
  6. I've used HTML5's media tools and CSS3's dynamic gradient techniques on my website. - It's very helpful and multimedia friendly these new tags!

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