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site for network based on drupal that allows members to swap skills. Each member has a blog, profile etc. Forum also available to members

site is self updating with a feed from on irish topics...just review and publish!

any decent offer considered


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How much traffic does it currently get?

When was the site setup?

Why are you selling it?

What is actually being sold? ie. in the case of the site is the design etc., yours to sell?


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Bout 200 hits p/m

Site is online almost 2 years...i dont have the skills/time/inclination to market/monetise it ... Thought id offer it before domain expires...july...started it as an excercise to learn drupal/php...thought it was a good idea and similar sites have been successful in other countries but couldnt drum up enough interest...currently about 200 registered members

full site is is a freely avalable drupal the only person ever to work on it...
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