.ie Domain for content / review based website with adsense - What category?

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I have an information / review based .com site making a very small amount of money from adsense / affiliate links.

I would like to set up 2/3 similar format sites but with each one covering very different areas with .ie domains.

Should I register a business name before registering the domains?

This name would have to be a general business name as the subject matter of each site is different (the added value of the sites is sourcing quality / authority/ currency of content).

If someone then registered a business with the same name as one of my .ie domains would they have any right to it.

Or do I have to register a new business for every information based .ie site to have rights over it?

Or should I forget all this and just register under Discretionary name - Private individual (Does it matter that I have advertising)

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