If users have opted out, is it ok to email them important service announcements?

Discussion in 'Webmaster Discussion' started by leftofcentre, Feb 8, 2012.

  1. leftofcentre

    leftofcentre New Member

    Hi chaps, I have a dilemma.

    On one of my sites I have the usual optin to receive the newsletter thing.

    But we have recently launched a new site and I need to email all the users to get them to confirm that they want to move their accounts to the new system.

    Now I understand the rules about marketing emails, but in the case of important service announcements is it considered ok to sent these emails?

    The problem is two thirds of users are opt out, but we really need to send this email so we can clean up all the old dead accounts.

    Would appreciate any opinions.


  2. link8r

    link8r New Member

    I'm open to correction but AFAIK the opt-in applies to e-mails for marketing/re-marketing purposes. Communications to people who have an account with you about the status of that account is completely different.

    Email marketing - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Policies & Terms
  3. leftofcentre

    leftofcentre New Member

    Thanks for that. That is what I was thinking.

    Just trying to avoid the ire of the awkward users ;-)

  4. link8r

    link8r New Member

    no sweat Brian.

    Here's a thing - its not about suffering the pain of upsetting people, its about building an ethos and value system that prevents it from happening naturally. "How would I like it if someone did this to me, my family or my community" - is it narcissistic or selfish? Is it promotion or advertising or is it really taking advantage of people - and - Am I adding value? Am I helping people?" if you apply this to everything, then you're on to a winner.

    If you think telling people their account could be potentially closed or lost without them taking action (in keeping with the easy to understand ToS you've already presented BEFORE they signed up [I jest but next time, do this]) - then you're helping. If its "Hey, I have your e-mail, so just clicky here and make me rich" / MeCommerce - then well, probably not :)


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