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What are you selling, how are you selling it (advice page, pure links, niche) and who did you sign up with?


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Blogging and social media such as Facebook and Twiitter would be a great place to start, low cost and can be v effective. I would recommend starting a website yourself to give better chance of being accepted onto programmes ..etc.


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what are you selling /promoting......

Create a web site /blog and collect emails also...

get as much content on the net as possible....with your affiliate link of course ...and pointing to your website.....

offer free report or something to intice them to give their email,,,

decide on a plan and goal .....

list the things you need to do every day to achieve this,....don't get side tracked

consistency is key...for me anyways.....



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check out a site called . It is a free course on online marketing. The course is based on 30 mins a day and offers very useful information on affilate marketing. Of course they are affilate marketers themselves, but you don't really need all the software to get much info from course.
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