Improving Shopping Cart during the ages

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Nobody has ever thought with how much comfort a simple cart provides us at the store. Let’s imagine that you have forgotten to take it at the beginning of your shopping process at a supermarket. What would be in this case? The products would fall down on the floor out of your hands. The shopping process would be annoying for every woman… Oh, maybe, it would save much money for many husbands?! No, it would save neither your money, nor your time.
The first step in the shopping cart process development was paper shopping bags.
Walter H. Deubner wanted to make his business be prosperous. He owned his old-style grocery store and noticed that people bought only that quantity of the products which they could carry home. It took him four years to develop the right solution:
a prefabricated package, inexpensive, easy to use-and strong enough to carry a lot of groceries.
The second step was the wire shopping baskets.
They seemed to be very comfortable, but it became heavy, especially for woman buyers, so they stooped shopping when the basket was full.
The third step was the two wire basket trolley.
It allowed customers buying as much food as they needed and they could put everything into their cars using the trolley.
The shopping cart history is not ended here, because our modern world has other advantages such as online Magento stores where you can buy the products without going out.
You have your own Magento Ajax Cart while purchasing. It is big enough and can be full of the desired quantity of products; it is easy enough because you don’t need to carry it.
But the technology doesn’t stand at the same place and Magento developers have presented us with a new opportunity to be at the top of online Magento world. This opportunity is called GoMage ProCart extension.
All what you need is to click on the Add to cart button of the necessary product and you will see a slide effect. The effect shows that your product has already been added into the shopping cart. Moreover, you can change the quantity of it by clicking on the arrow (up or down).
You don’t need to count the total in your mind, because ProCart extension counts it itself and shows you the total in the right top corner until you are looking through the Magento store pages in order to find other products.
Easy, fast, comfortable and cheap, GoMage Ajax Cart is the way to success:

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