Installing Ubuntu

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Copy the image to a USB stick ? and boot off that ? AFAIK you will need to boot 'some device' to install the OS.


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BTW I should have said ..

Depending on your needs what you could do is create a virtual machine for it.

Go to and get yourself the virtual appliance image
Ubuntu 7.10 (Gutsy Gibbon) Desktop - English

then you just run vmware player which is available for free ... and you're running a machine within a machine ... to be honest the speed should be acceptable assuming you've a semi decent machine with a gb or 2 of memory

This way you can switch to a virtual machine ... go full screen ... run a webserver in this machine if you want .. deploy to it ... and so on ...

You can also get server versions of these VM's that are extremely handy for running things like subversion (but it all depends what you want to use for version control on your websites)

OK ... I'm rambling I should get a coffee and wake up properly :D
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