International Numbers - Virtual PBX?

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  1. mneylon

    mneylon Administrator Staff Member

    Can anyone recommend a company that can provide virtual numbers in multiple countries?

    I've found a few that offer US numbers ONLY, but the only one that I came across for other countries was marked for personal use only ie. business / commercial use was not allowed
  2. Gavin

    Gavin New Member

    This crowd was recommended to me but I haven't had the chance to look into them more. I'm also on the look out for some providers.
  3. mneylon

    mneylon Administrator Staff Member

    They only seem to offer international freephone numbers and the pricing is a little bit silly :(
  4. Gavin

    Gavin New Member

    Ahh. You just looking for ordinary local numbers for various countries?
  5. mneylon

    mneylon Administrator Staff Member


    We already have a UK number, which was free, but I've been trying to find a provider for some of the other countries
  6. Gavin

    Gavin New Member

    Those UK numbers are really good.

    Any of the sites I've been looking at wouldn't be worth recommending (dodgy services). I've fired off an email to a PBX reseller to see if he can make any recommendations.
  7. mneylon

    mneylon Administrator Staff Member

  8. Forbairt

    Forbairt Portfolio Building

    How'd you hear about them ?

    I'm semi on the lookout for a UK number at the moment as I've a few clients that'd like to be able to ring a UK number ... after their phone bill for ringing my mobile :D
  9. Gavin

    Gavin New Member

    You'd probably want an 0870 number and have it transfered to your land line. They are free to get and your customer will be charged UK national rate for calling, a lot cheaper than calling an Irish mobile. You might even find a provider that offers revenue sharing from 0870 numbers.

    Cheers for the link Michele. I must look into them.
  10. mneylon

    mneylon Administrator Staff Member

    I think 08444 are cheaper for the punter to ring
  11. planetnumbers

    planetnumbers New Member

    UK numbers etc


    I found your posts regarding international numbers, such as a UK number that routes to you in Ireland, and I know our pricing might initially put you off, but I'm sure we can manipulate these a bit to encourage you to buy from us.

    If you wanted an 0844 number we can provide these, and connect it to you in Southern Ireland, and you won't pay a pence per minute. Or, if you would prefer a London (020 number) we can provide this, but you would pay for each minute received.

    Please give us a call on +44 1202 553100 - we want your business! :)

    Kind regards

    Robin James
    Planet Numbers Ltd
  12. kevinfathom

    kevinfathom New Member

    How about UIFN (Universal International Freephone Numbers)? Ain't this a good option to try?
  13. webdream

    webdream New Member

    very old thread.. but never mind/ is the official Irish reseller for and also a verified reseller.

    we are the only platform to provide full Polish coverage which we bought to market a few weeks ago.

    we also supply RU, MY, TH , and VN directly from local originating networks.

    we have a full UK numbering plan including toll-free and lo-call numbers.

    All DID are multi channel and support custom SIP/IAX mapping. We also supply a sip trunking service for pbx/asterisk users with inbound and outbound voice.

    If you know of another telco offering such wide geo. coverage please let us know (there isn't one).
  14. arsupertec

    arsupertec New Member

  15. arsupertec

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