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Hey all,

A sister of mine is looking to complete an internet marketing course and I have been landed the task of searching for good providers.

She is already fairly savvy when it comes to social media/email marketing and understands SEO etc... so she should know a good chunk of any course she undertakes, however, she is looking to to change employers within the next few months and feels some sort of course on her CV would be of huge benefit.

So, here I am :chuncky:

Anyone have any advice on a course? I see the regulars such as Fitzwilliam, DMI all have courses that interest her but who would be the best (if any?)

Due to work she will either have to partake in one via night course or distant learning.

Thanks for any advice!



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I generally don't like internet courses, since I feel it is hard to really get yourself engaged in something via internet. I like the hands on experience, if you know what I mean. However, I have heard of people who have experienced great success learning through internet courses, so good luck!
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