IP Cloaking

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Can anyone recommend some good, reliable ip cloaking software - nothing sinister at all but want to block my ip
really its a measure against sports betting sites - i use two and have read alot about how they build a profile of customers including IP, location etc...I personally find that a huge invasion of privacy and dont like the idea one bit..however i like to have the odd small flutter on a couple of sites and with the euros coming and all....

any decent recommendations that irish surfers are using? Needs to be cheap (or free), reliable and have the ability to pick where the proxy is located

thanks a mill
There are quite a few proxie providers out there. Free ones generally don't last long and are slow. For convenience proxy bonanza is quite good because you can down load an extension to your browser that enables you to select which ip you want to use and you can switch them off in a click
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