Iptv/ vod /ott service for irish abroad

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Hi...I'm in the process of setting up an IPTV / OTT /VOD service, providing live Irish & UK TV to the end user on their TV via set top box. The main market being Irish / UK ex-pats (English speaking ) living in Continental Europe and beyond, made available through small to medium ISP's and directly to the end user. This service will also be available to the home market.
Although, I know my way around computers,setting up networks, backhauls etc. and I'm an expert in Sales / marketing and creating packages for the end user. Including hotels and appartment complex's, but I won't pretend to be a super star around severs, web design and site managment (even though I did set a few up with the aid of a phone link and interrupter).

To make this work I would like to partner with a good down to earth IT / Web design guy to design a quality website and also enough IT knolage to assist me in setting up the servers and middleware as well as maintaince of servers and website.

I have the customer's and just need somone to partner with to compleat all the skills.
Once the servers (Which can be run remotely) are in place and middleware installed, it more or less runs on auto pilot so this offer could be either full time or part time situation.
I'm open to any suggestions / ideas you may have.
Thank You and look forward to hearing from You.
Not open for further replies.
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