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    Apologies if this has already appeared in another thread...

    Ireland will spend €250k on a 2,500 page website (you do the math)

    The Government is to pay nearly €250,000 for the development of a website for Ireland’s presidency of the EU which commences in January.
    The Department of the Taoiseach confirmed last night that a website design company, Terminal Four Solutions Ltd had been awarded a contract for professional services in relation to the EU presidency 2013 website.
    The cost of the contract was €244,741.71.
    Details of contracts worth more than €330,000 in relation to Ireland’s EU presidency were published yesterday by the website, thestory.ieon foot of a Freedom of Information request.

    EU presidency website to cost State €250,000 - The Irish Times - Tue, Dec 18, 2012
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    It's madness, though compared to what they spent back in 2004 it's an "improvement" ...
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    The CMS company looks like they got the bulk for "CMS licensing" ....?

    I propose a new Rule-of-thumb for 2013 "Just because you can tender, doesn't mean you know how to buy effectively"
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    Oh, because this is a community site - would you not put some social sharing/bookmark icons on it?

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