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While I prefer Irish hosters,
I am disappointed in their facilities compared with US hosters
(shared server hosting type)

For example:
Looking for one that allows simple online editing of webpages,
of the type where a window opens to view source /edit source, preferably with line numbers
Hosting365 used to have it, but the Namesco takeover has finished it
(they have an online editor in their own system that lets you view source, but only after corrupting the code to what the editor thinks is suitable)

The natural reply might be,
since file uploads is usually possible of a couple of files at a time by clicking on a button (without FTP),
that you should do editing on your computer anyway, having a safe copy there and simply uploading it:
However, logging in from different computers and devices that might not always be possible.
Also, PhP and similar pages in particular require partitioned disks, local server installation etc, to see the results locally,
and it's overall a quicker fix anyway - and you can take a safety copy later (and/or have a copy online too)


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Have you thought about using the likes of portable apps .. in conjunction with dropbox ? maybe

USB key with your ftp details / client of choice .. and away you go ... store the files on it as well with either xampp portable or something like that ?

Or dropbox and make sure you always have your files on whatever machine you go at ? :)

There have been one or two times I've wanted a code editor but for the most part and for sanity of having local copies / RCS in place it doesn't make sense too much to do live edits not sure if BK have a new file editor in place as I've not used it ...

I think the older hsphere systems had editors in place


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Thanks for that Forbairt,
yes as you probably guessed I do use a USB stick - travelling a lot using public and other computers etc - and agree re risk of quick online editing,
however it's a handy extra for me, and I always first edit an online double = so if mess-up, fix it again, and then copy the double to the actual site

Yes the old Hosting 365 Hsphere had online editing but newe owner Namesco suddenly dropped File manager, inviting people to their own system, which for me is not so useful
Blacknight I like in total, content management particularly good on blogs and web apps, but unfortunately these features (see parallell thread re file hosting) not yet available,
though Michele is looking into it


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Not really able to comment on online editors I have to admit ...

Generally I'm using CMS's ... templating a system .. uploading that ... and then its just a question of editing the content via the CMS I've installed.
(wordpress / cmsms .. generally)

Which "other" hosting companies have decent editors as I'd be curious to try them out (have access to a couple of different crowds might be one of them)


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We were offering it, but the software vendor (Parallels) changed the filemanager during an upgrade. The one that was there before worked well for some things, but had issues :)
If anyone knows of a good, scalable solution we might be able to suggest it to them.


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Ps. I should have said that is the Code Editor used for .php files. There is a separate HTML Editor for .html files with a full WYSIWYG kitchen sink.


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see below forbairt
= often on googling the name of the control panel you can see which hosting companies use them ielinks to control panel log ins
eg digiweb seem to use CPanel. (old) hosting365 HSphere (as you know) etc...


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thanks also blacknight + confound

Update re control panels looked at online and editing possibilities via file managers (to extent possible to see and/or try out)

Cpanel - very good editing facilities seems best choice so far
DirectAdmin - yes has a simple online text editor
SwSoft = now Parallels Parallels seem to have taken over psoft's H-Sphere and others too..
H-sphere -some editing facilities
Parallels Plesk -no
Parallels Helm (Windows only) has some sort of code editor
Parallels Pro Control Panel (formerly known as Ensim Pro, Ensim WEBappliance) in Linux/Windows, has some sort of code editor ok
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