Irish Pay by Phone options

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Has anyone used these methods for paying by phone ? alá how DoneDeal does it, I think you ring a premium number and the client is charged a flat fee.

Does anyone know how it works, or how much the processor gets of the sale price ?




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We spoke to a couple of companies in the space going back 2 or 3 years.. From what I recall the companies out there didn't work with all the mobile operators at the time so we had to leave it ..
Trying 2 or 3 of them this week. They are pretty limited in the price that they can charge. They also take a high % of transaction price, so you'd have probably 55-60% of the price once they take their cut. Pay-by-text isn't something that I'd ever use, but apparently there is a demand out there.


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The concept is attractive, but the rates would have to make sense
I know that in some markets it's very big for payments as credit cards don't have high penetration ..