Irish Web Design Directory - Opinions Wanted!

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Hi All,
I've been thinking of starting an online directory for web design in Ireland and wanted to get some views from you all first.
What features or functionality would you like to see in such a directory? Would it make sense to have a category for each county?
Any other tips or suggestions?


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A category for each county would be nice.
Syndicating their Blog RSS feed if they have one would be a plus.
A way of presenting their portfolio would be nice too but maybe difficult to implement and update dynamically.
Thanks for the input Cormac,
Maybe each web designer could select 5 of their best sites that they've designed? At least that would give people an idea of what each designer can do.

Anything else it should contain?
It's something I thought about particularly for the North. Got the domain name and the software just can't seem to find any spare time to put the plan into action.
Maybe each web designer could select 5 of their best sites that they've designed?
Why not just have a link back to their homepage which should have a link to their portfolio, or a deep link to their portfolio page.
Yea, a link back to the portfolio page would be a good idea. I'd say I'm a good way off launching this thing (if at all) and was just seeing what web designers would be looking for in terms of a good web directory.
The main reason is that there doesn't seem to be a good directory of web designers in Ireland out there. I would like this to become a place where people could search for web designers in their own area. Sound OK?


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awesome, but what do you yourself stand to gain?

To be honest its a bit of a stupid question isn't it ... ?

A website listing all the designers and their work .. from there he has the potential to have advertising ... paid links and so on depending on how the site works out.

Whether he does this or not he would still have the choice.

He'd also get recognition for having done the site not to mention having a big list to all the designers signed up in ireland.

Why do you have your sites ? for the good of man kind :D


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I am a stupid person.
Sorry wasn't meaning to imply that .. just if one were to do it its for probably the 2 to 3 reasons ..

- Portfolio
- Fame (First you get ze vebsite .. den zu get zee Vomen)
- Ad revenue (potentially have the designers pay a fee to get listed ... though until it is noted as a good site it'd be a bit silly as no one would sign up)

I did have an idea for this a while back ... I've got too many ideas that don't get realised due to lack of time ...
I spent a year at Vienna University - and I still don't understand you both - then again the Germans always said the Austrians didn't really speak German!

But just something else - maybe this should be a new thread...

But how much do you not get done due to the lack of time? I find that I have a list of ideas that I keep for when I have space - the list just keeps getting longer.


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I spent a year at Vienna University - and I still don't understand you both - then again the Germans always said the Austrians didn't really speak German!
You're thinking along the right lines at least :)

Its the stereotypical english speaking people see german people pronouncing things when speaking english ...

Vimen = woman .. and so on .. :)

It takes a long time to become accustomed to all the nuances of a language .. I know trying to learn french at the moment .. well .. all time time :) and german as well

As for the projects thing ... I've about 15 websites that I would work on if I had the time ... the problem is all the projects are pretty labour intensive and I can never seem to get the time to work on them. Clients as always take precidence ...

I've not even updated my own site

(that and I spend too much time posting on boards / irish web hamsters )
good stuff, need to keep the magical gaelic language alive! My ex-GF refused to speak a word of it (she was a "good prod"), but I used to get her to ask for a cup of tea in gaelic if she wanted one or she wasn't getting one - the things ya do to keep the language alive <grin> (in retrospect- maybe that's why I am single now! hoho)


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Well my wife is Breton ... so there's a good mix of languages already.

She's fluent in english / german and obviously french.

She also did a bit Breton when she was younger. She has already done a course in irish here but found it very bad ... but she does love ordering a pint of guinness in irish any time we make it into Aras Na nGael. I love to see the similarities between the two languages any time I'm over there.

I'm also involved in the twinning and ... both in heavy need of a revamp. I'd love to start up irish again .. but its all a question of .. yep .. you guess it time :D


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I must admit though I'm always amazed by the amount of people who don't know the word Forbairt and have no clue what it means :D

New feature for my website I guess ... put in the definition :D
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