Is ClickMediaMarketing a scam/fraud?

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Hi folks,

I got a call today (blocked nr) from a UK male saying that every time a user enters the my chosen search term then my website would appear as the first sponsored listing but this seems too good to be true!

He was quite keen to get my payment too before I got a chance to think about my keywords.

When I check out the website - it looks very basic.

When I check out the address - I see that it's in a building that rents virtual offices.

What do ye think?


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Sounds like the usual adwords type scam. If they ring back thank them for their call and hangup :)
Any serious companies doing pay per click marketing don't need to cold call - they're usually in high demand!


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The first sponsored listing in Google or the first sponsored listing on their own website?
If Google its a scam, if their own site then it is easy to achieve but may offer no traffic to you.

I took your advice blacknight and improvised a bit too. When he rang this morning, I said 'oh, thanks for your call, can you hold a minute'. I went back to work. He rang again another seven times today (I ignored his calls) but not for a while so I think he clicked that he's the fool now.
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