Is it possible to remove the post code from Zen Cart?

Discussion in 'Coding Help' started by googlebomber76, Nov 23, 2007.

  1. googlebomber76

    googlebomber76 New Member


    Can anyone help, I need to remove the postcode from Zen Cart? I currently have it disabled but it is still on the registration forum, I need it to disappear completly, any help both free or paid for would be much appricated.

    pat, online store
  2. Forbairt

    Forbairt Portfolio Building

    there'll be some hackery involved...

    you'll have to remove it from your template files

  3. ziycon

    ziycon New Member

    Your verisign image at the bottom of the page should be clickable to verify the cert!
  4. Forbairt

    Forbairt Portfolio Building

    similarily your paypal verified image should do something ?

    BTW theres a problem on the checkout page ... choosing existing or new customer makes baby jesus cry ... er I mean ... the two boxes appear one above the other in a weird way ... on firefox at least
  5. googlebomber76

    googlebomber76 New Member

    The boxes look fine on IE and I love Microsoft and that's all that matters, just had a look on firefox, it dropped the paypal express completley on the first attempt, if you refresh your browser it should be ok....

    I'll put in the links behind the paypal and verisign logos.....
  6. Forbairt

    Forbairt Portfolio Building

    As a tech savy person ... I buy Tech products and I use firefox ...

    IE gets switched on for testing only

    Having to refresh the page to get it to look good isn't an option for me

    I would think that a lot of Technicial people sitting in their offices would use firefox so you're pretty much alienating them ... the numbers on safari are increasing heavy as well ... though it looks fine in safari
  7. ziycon

    ziycon New Member

    I'm a firefox person as well!:D
  8. googlebomber76

    googlebomber76 New Member

    Hi, Forbairt do you do nixers....I need to get that post code ditched.....
  9. mneylon

    mneylon Administrator Staff Member

    I hope that was tongue in cheek

    The one thing I've learnt about selling online is that you should never ever work under the assumption that your users will be using a particular browser or operating system.

    Of our fulltime staff 100% of them use Firefox as their primary browser and they're definitely in your target demographic. Do you want them to buy from another site?
  10. Geoff

    Geoff New Member

    It's amazing how many variations crop up in layout/view from browser to browser... considering .html is supposed to be a standard:D
  11. googlebomber76

    googlebomber76 New Member

  12. mneylon

    mneylon Administrator Staff Member

    It doesn't matter whether you are pro-microsoft, anti-mac or whatever.

    If you are serious about selling online you need to ensure that your website functions for users regardless of the platform or browser they are using.

    There aren't any 100% reliable sources of browser usage out there, but this one is pretty good:
    Browser Statistics

    36% of users are on Firefox and that percentage can increase significantly depending on your demographic. See:

    Browser Usage Stats - Is Firefox Gaining or Losing?


    Browser / OS Usage
  13. googlebomber76

    googlebomber76 New Member

    I totally agree with you, i'd say it's getting close to a 50/50 split...I know plenty of people who use it every day.....believe me i'm not trying to shut a door on those users....

    I have used the site on firefox and it seems to function ok (just a little better on IE) :p Sorry had to get the dig in!!!!

    Once I get the look and feel of the site to where I want it i'll start worrying about some of the more technical issues then....i'm not worried about the ads not appearing in firefox, in an ideal world they wouldn't be there in the first place....but i've got to pay for this hosting somehow.....;)
  14. johned

    johned New Member

    The origional question was about zen cart and not firefox!!

    Im using zen for the first time and am also strugling with postcodes for ireland. Im trying to find a way to make the postcode box dissapear when ireland is selected. Anyone managed this?

    I also just wrote loads of sql for uk and ireland zones only to find its allready available in the downloads section :eek:

    And yes i am working on a sunday lol!!
  15. Wild Thing

    Wild Thing New Member

    In oscommerce you can have the postcode box ok but you can set it to either a required field or not with code. Are postcodes not being phased in across ireland?
  16. Midland Web

    Midland Web New Member


    Hi guys. Firt time poster! I'm also looking for a Zencart fix for the post code issue? I Just want to disable it altogether? All help greatly appreciated!
  17. NaturalBornKiller

    NaturalBornKiller New Member

    1. Locate the file includes\templates\template_default\templates\tpl_modules_create_account.php, open it, then delete

    <label class="inputLabel" for="postcode"><?php echo ENTRY_POST_CODE; ?></label>
    <?php echo zen_draw_input_field('postcode', '', zen_set_field_length(TABLE_ADDRESS_BOOK, 'entry_postcode', '40') . ' id="postcode"') . (zen_not_null(ENTRY_POST_CODE_TEXT) ? '<span class="alert">' . ENTRY_POST_CODE_TEXT . '</span>': ''); ?>
    <br class="clearBoth" />
    2. Locate the file modules\create_account.php and includes\modules\create_account.php, find the line if (strlen($postcode) < ENTRY_POSTCODE_MIN_LENGTH) { etc. and then change everything like this:

      if (strlen($postcode) < ENTRY_POSTCODE_MIN_LENGTH) {
        $error = false;
       // $messageStack->add('create_account', ENTRY_POST_CODE_ERROR);
    This worked for me. GL
  18. achieve

    achieve New Member

    Hope the previous posters didn't put the website development on hold while waiting for a solution to be posted here! Talk about reviving an old post............

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