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Discussion in 'Hosting' started by daba, Oct 29, 2011.

  1. daba

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    i was comparing the different vps & dedicated hosting deals provided by Irish companies , & i was really surprised by the expensive prices , compare to what u get from european or american companies , then this "idea" enlightened my mind . ( read the following @ your own risk, i have no idea about hostin & how to set it up) what about hosting from home , after all internet speeds are gettin quiet reliable in Ireland , u can get upload speeds up to 7mb , then why not build a beefed-up server , with 1 or 2 good i7 processors and stick on it 16gb of ram and few terabytes . and keep it cold all the time ? i guess this will work for blogs and e-commerce websites, ones that dont have heavy bandwidth consumption and videos and downloads..... ?? i have been living in the same place for few years now , and honestly we never experienced a cut in electric of internet connections ???

    have a goooood weekend
  2. mneylon

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    It would be against the terms of service of most ISPs
    You'd also need a fixed IP, which you won't have with most domestic DSL contracts
    And that's just for starters....
  3. daba

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    sorry i wasn't very specific , i meant to have a business broadband connection at home !!! i have a "feeling" that this can be done . i just need some guidance or more research to understand the system of hosting business . this is very much like having an internal server the only difference will be to connect it to the outside world , make it available over the internet !!!! or is there more serious obstacles that one should avoid and go for a commercial provider for his hosting ?
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    I think its a terrible idea. 7MB isn't very much - what about uptime, resilience and security. Companies are building hosting cloud centres. Microsoft reckons unless you invest billions, you won't be able to compete cost effectively (although I'm unconvinced).

    Just because you can doesn't mean you should!

    Why would anyone host with you? What are you going to charge them? You can get GB's of hosting with Blacknight for a year for less than it costs to stay overnight in a hotel in Dublin!
  5. daba

    daba New Member

    thanx link8r , i agree with you when u said " just because u can doesn't mean u should" i brought up this thread only to discuss the issue , is it money saving without comprises on the quality of the hosting !!! if i will do this is not to provide for others & earn money from it but only for myself for my sites and save money & reduce spending. recently i have seen on utube few examples of people hosting from home , it is a bit encouraging . if only Irish providers where a bit more generous price wise .... peace in mind is priceless and i'd rather pay FEW extra €€ and go with what they have to offer, than having extra work to do .
  6. mneylon

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    The prices offered in Ireland are, for the most part, pretty competitive and realistic.
  7. MOH

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    What do you do if you have a power cut? If a builder cuts through your phone line?
    If anything happens to your hardware, from a disk failure or other component failure to a rodent chewing through cables.
    What if your house is burgled?

    If it's something non-critical like a personal blog or information site, maybe, but for anything business related I think there's way too many things that can go wrong to risk doing it yourself.
  8. link8r

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    Put your sense of humour reading glasses on:

    Here's a lesson i've learned - the €100 I've lost in the accumulated time lost replying to this pointless idea of a post - next time, save us both, send me your address and I will post you a cheque for €50 which will not only cover your hosting fees but also push my losses down 50% :)

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