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Since I guess quite a few of you have Facebook fan pages maybe people would like to share them?

Feel free to reply with a link to yours and maybe a small description (not spammy please)
Just started using Facebook adverts

Hi Everyone,

I just started using Facebook advertising last night. I placed an ad targeting Irish people of a chosen demographic and got according to FB 300,190 impressions out of 730,000 odd qualifying FB-ers. This resulted in 155 clicks i.e. what I was charged for. Google analytics however reported 196 hits on my site and 70 hits.

However, the bounce rates are worrying. 00:00:55 average time spent on site for with 80% approx bounce offs, and 00:01:15 time on site for with 68.5% bounce off. And I'm paying for this.

I realise that this probably has much to do with my own site, which is my affair to sort ~ work in constant progress.

Those are just the stats for on night checking FB adverts out with a budget of €20.

I am an avid Facebook user and if it wasn't for the bounce off rates, I'd be delighted with the results. I'm very new to all this and would welcome opinions on facebook ads from more experienced users.

I found their ad manager system fairly ok to use... In comparison eBay utterly pissed me off a couple of days ago with complete rubbish about complete rubbish so they can go shove it. Terrible customer service / policies and the impression I was dealing with a dinosaur. Facebook is much more tuned in. But it's about sales in the end...

My site is urbanchickencoops .org (sorry, IrishWMF - I will get the 10 posts up soon) if anyone can offer any assistance.

Certainly compared to the hundreds I spent on paper ads with practically zero return, online advertising seems more effective, but it's translating that into sales that's the crux...

I'll keep you posted on my Facebook adventures... Last night was spent preparing a FB Fan page for my site and it will be added to the campaign soon.


Sorry, just realised that this maybe isn't the correct thread for my above post. I am preparing a Facebook Fan page for UrbanChickenCoops .org which is online at the moment but I only set it up last night so no feedback yet.

Other than to say that I didn't find it easy to integrate a business into the fan page... They should have ones specifically designed for businesses i.e. a more static wall page, the opportunity to offer more comprehensive business details in the info section, etc...

I know I can source apps to do this, but they should be offering businesses a prepared ecom template not a generic fan page template.

BTW when I get hits from what exactly does this mean ? Are these hits from myself doing up the Fan page ???

Thanks again...


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I have a few businesses on Facebook (mine, partnerships, clients) - I can't see the benefit for many though, myself included, unless you're a national or consumer brand. I could see the advantage of having say Coca Cola or Mercedes - these are brands some people may want to show off/publically share their affiliation for. Even if they have a high number of followers, 500k, this represents a small % of their total customer base (Coke more than Merc, that said with all the A, B, C models they have won't be long before they catch up!) | Facebook
Links on "Storage Helper" | Facebook
Urban Chicken Coops | Facebook
Urban Chicken Coops Ireland - 100% Irish Chicken Coops - Welcome To Our HomePage

I'm using facebook ads which do generate quality non-bounce hits per dime.
It's early days for the business and not quite yet into season...

I think that facebook has huge potential but like anything else, cannot stand alone. I advertise my FB on my webpage, link it to Twitter, use google ads and FB ads... all contribute across the spectrum...

To say FB is for global products is perhaps missing the demographic big brother wealth of information FB has for targeting prospective hits. FB ads are highly directable...

I am a new user tho...
FB demographic stats

re: potential ad impressions ~ my own FB ad targets males and females over 25 living in Ireland with no other refiners = approx. 760,000 Facebook people...

I've put a lot of time into rewriting and tweaking the index page of my site but still have a very high bounce rate @ over 70% i.e. people who visit and immediately leave, and of the 30% who stay, about half only stay less than one minute / visit one page only. That's a lot of wastage that I am paying €€€ for.

My Google adwords ad fares much better. I can dictate very similar demographic / geographic refiners and the ad content is the same. However the bounce rate here is @ about 58% - much better value for money and the depth and length of their visits are also significantly better.

Facebook vs. Google for me = Google

I believe this happens because Google ads specifically target users via chosen keywords ~ a feature Facebook lacks. This is a significant drawback people should perhaps consider...
interesting that (the link posted two messages above) claims FB has 612,380 people are age 25 and older yet FB adverts offer me over 760,000 of the same...

hmmmm... porkies ???


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I agree that would prefer google marketing to facebook marketing. Google search marketing also targets a person when they are actively searching for something which means that you are likely to need less to entice their interest. At the same time i'm hesitant to rule out Facebook entirely.


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My business is not on facebook.But I registered an account for my business.I just update some information about my business now and then but I don't know if that can bring me something.
Many SEO use facebook and twitter about business.I really wanna know how they work.


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Its an awful lot of hard work and will not suit every business.

Facebook is great for getting a message across, dealing on a one to one with your customer and if you are selling something a lot are interested in!

I have indefinately paused my FB adword campaign (for my other business) as I dont think that most users and advertisers have yet fully found their feet. According to my ISP webstats most of my FB traffic came from within that damned farmville place. This led me to believe people were clicking on my ad just to have a goo! Expensive way to get goos!

If someone is looking for my service will not be browsing FB looking for it - but will Google it!

Companies/organisations like Blacknight (ahem), Vodafone, my favourite Premiership team all do very well. They have the ready made market, customer base and are great at passing on the news, while slipping in the odd promo :)

Mind you, I received an unsolicited complement from a happy customer - so that is there for all to see and IMHO this is more important than FB Ads!

I'll have to review me FB pages later!



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Have a few pages with clients/partners that I help administer. Facebook | is the main one I help with. The social networking is great for this business because the aim of the page is to build up the brand of the site, get the name of the company known to people, promote the properties available on the Irish Holiday website and also to promote Irish tourism by letting people know what's going on around Ireland. Certainly seen traffic improve on the site but definitely an art to it and it can take a lot of your time to keep at it posting on the page and interacting with others.

Hey there!

I have a FB page but not tried the advertising yet ... still new to all this as only really started in March and trying to get going ;) Here is my site Best Friends World | Facebook I sell doggie clothes and accessories but I am also a doggie groomer (located in Cahir, Tipperary)

I sell an assortment of quality pet fashion clothing and accessories from Dobaz, IS Pet Fashion, Pinkaholic NY and Puppia. Also Nina Ottosson Interactive Pet Games and the unique “Puppy Bumpers”. I'm constantly updating the products, in fact more should be added this week :D


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I don't really know anything about Facebook, but here's a suggestion that may help with the bounce rates.

Direct your Facebook traffic to an email list signup form. Make the page very brief. Try to keep the content and signup form above the fold (first screen, no scrolling) if possible. Make your offer as compelling as you can. Offer something free that is enticing, and relevant to your site.

Once visitors are on your mailing list, you have many more opportunities to make a connection and build interest. Set up an autoresponder for your list, so that you are automatically delivering great content to every new signup.

Exploring a website requires thinking. Don't ask your new Facebook visitors to think. Instead, offer them one simple compelling option, and get them on your list.

Hope this might be helpful to someone.


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its seriously disgustingly amazing on how huge facebook is, I love it. I have a business page on facebook but im trying to figure out how to get more likes to it.
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