IT, SEO, ORM and Webmaster Services Website For Sale $5000+ income a month

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Offering IT, SEO, ORM, Outsourcing, Online Marketing and Webmaster Services

I am selling my online business

Here is the shorturl link that will lead you to the site | Merritt Staff Outsourcing | Hire IT Workers | SEO Experts | Outsourcing IT Professionals
please don't post the link of the website on this thread , to prevent clients from seeing the website is for sale.

The site earns $3000 to over $6000 a month
the maintenance cost is $600 a month for 6 staff working to process orders and advertise the website
on forums.

beside that there a $40 per year hosting and domain name.

the website earns through offering services to webmasters, individuals, corporations
clients come from google search and forums.
clients pay with paypal or wire transfer.

Service are Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to increase websites rank in the search engines, Online Reputation Management for cleaning up bad links and

pages on google for people that want to clean there reputation on the internet we remove the bad content about our clients on the internet therefore restore

there good reputation and last but not least we offer Staff Outsourcing which we offer at the most affordable rate.

you will get staff at the rate of $100 for a full time staff located in the Philippines
these people are experienced and dedicated you can get as much staff as you want at the same rate and offer there
services for much higher rate, they work from home any time that you assign them to.
i will also include you the my assistant who gets new workers and process the orders coordinating with the workers.

Note the site earns money this is an established marketed ranked website that actually earns money
with low maintenance.

you don't have to understand IT cause you have your assistant and money goes to your paypal once connected to the website for each payment.

time you will spend everyday is 30 minutes to 3 hours
the rest is up to the workers to get clients and process the orders.

Reason for selling ? i have other online businesses and need to sell some to buy a new house.
need to sell several sites so Rush sales Price for this site is : Selling Price $15,000

I can help and assist you during your first 2 months operation so the you can learn how
you can keep earnings ca. $5000 a month and how you can increase the earnings.

PM me for the website link, traffic stats and earnings screenshots.