Javascript Captcha for use on forms

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Never thought about that. It can be implemented if you put your mind to it as the javascript stores the word for checking it's value so it should be possible.
I recently had to disable the complete comment section on my sites pages and then also force people to register to post on my blog because of so much spam. And I did look into some of these types of scripts (mostly server side stuff though) and it seems there is no all round solution and can be termed accessible but which also prevents the most intelligent spam bots from beating it.
I have just being working on a forum for one of my website, and on the register page there is a Captcha that is linked to windows media so you can hear the letters


this might be a good solution.
louie that seems like a bad solution to me. Perhaps if it was capcha and then a sound for deaf people this might help, I don't know. Perhaps firefox and internet explorer should be the ones looking for a solution on this. Like I mean a central set of rules where the browser actually wont allow a POST to go through if a form has certain words, X amount of hyerlinks etc.