Javascript preloader for Content Management System

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I am trying to create a Javascript preloader for my Content Management System, especially for gallery pages, which currently have a bit of a delay, which doesn't look great.

However, most of the ones I have seen require the user to enter the filename of the image. I don't expect my users to do this on every page they update - and they don't have access to the source code anyway.

I have come up with this:

if (document.images) {
document.write("This document contains: " + document.images.length + " images.")
var x = document.images;
for (var i=0;i<x.length;i++)
var theSrc = x.src;
preload_image_object = new Image();

..but it only works when I put it at the bottom of the page, which defeats the purpose. The images still load with a delay.

Is there any way of putting Javascript at the top of the page, which will scan the rest of the code and preload any images it finds?
Not open for further replies.
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