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I'm giving a presentation in a couple of weeks on social media for business.

Which are the most important points from a business perspective in your own view?


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Respect. Both for your customers, community and your competitors. Just found a "non-profit" company posting links to their pages/websites across a number of their competitors Pages. They'll be deleted so they've achieved nothing positive.

In relationship business (versus transactional) - people still buy from people. So if you're an Accountant, Solicitor, Sales Consultant or a similar type of professional, you need to let people see who you are, what you're about, what you're working on - and not just expect them to uncover it. Share your knowledge, thoughts, wins, failures.

Make sure your online infrastructure (website, blog, facebook, linkedin, other profiles and e-mail signature) are all professional quality. I don't mean expensive but I do mean make sure that they are professional. A lot of professionals use GMail web addresses (I don't mean as a service, but like - these look spammy, cheap and avoidable (in my opinion). Similarly, some business coaches I've met use Jimdo or SiteBuilder templates that date back more than 10 years - what "could" this suggest about you - that you're not willing to invest in your own business/training/advancement.

If you're using twitter or forums where there are avatars, sporting a Man United logo instead of say your photo/logo just doesn't help. It doesn't matter what team - what you're doing is polarising people on you choice of sports team - which is bound to be contentious if not everyone likes it - but its confusing. You see this happen a lot.


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I would also advise that if a company is going engaging in social media marketing then they need to fully engage the process i.e. if they post somewhere and people are leaving comments or questions they should try to ensure the questions are answered as promptly as possible. They need to realise that using social media is a give and take process, and they need to engage their desired community if it is going to be successful.


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It's important to first make up a specific plan identifying your target market and identifying your goals so you are focused in your efforts; making sure you are using the right channels and providing the right content; driving your connections to take the desired action.
It is very important to note some of the important things to be successful in social media business.The most important in it is to make connections with like minded people to expand the network and diversify the marketing efforts.
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