Know Hollister?

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Always use the Hollister option after you have a long list of keywords as it will give you a more accurate idea of your keyword potential. You should only use the default ‘broad match’ when you want lots of ideas and variations of your main keyword, and then you can choose good looking keywords and run them again in ‘exact match’.
In the Pro version you get unlimited projects and reports but you really do not need that unless you are working for someone else or have several sites that you want to track. You can track more than one site with the free version but the data is not saved when you check another site.
Click the star at the left of each keyword you want to investigate Hollister Berlin. It will turn bright yellow and afterwards you can click on ‘download’ and select ‘csv’ to save those keywords for later. If you are happy that there is a decent search volume for the ones you want to work with then download them and save them to a folder on your computer. Call it something like ‘keywords-to-check’-
However, with the current Hollister online account you can also submit any amount of other urls too. This means if you have Hubpages, Squidoo lenses and accounts in social networks, you can also submit each of those also and get 25 backlinks per url, so consequently there is another useful thing you can do.
Later on, open up your csv file and then add titles to the first row of ‘intitle’ and ‘inurl’ and then copy each keyword in turn and paste it into to search, say your keyword was ‘training for the olympics’, you should come into Hollister Online Shop.