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Hi All,

Check out TradeDoubler Ireland's latest programme addition - Komplett.ie.

Boasting a product assortment of more than 3,750 products, Komplett.ie's high average order value and attractive 3% commission means significant revenues for you!

Register NOW, and earn 3% commission on Komplett.ie sales.

Programme features
- Cookie period - 30 days
- Commission - 3% commission
- Deep linking tool - yes
- Product feed - yes
- Keyword policy - restricted

Benefits of Komplett.ie for you as an affiliate
- Above average order values - hence, lucrative commissions
- Strong creative portfolio
- Reliable online shop
- Competitive pricing
- Brand confidence and credibility

If you have any questions relating to the programme, please do not hesitate to contact Publisher Support

Eoin Clarke
Publisher Sales Manager
TradeDoubler Ireland
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