Lag in pausing campaigns?

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Is there some kind of lag in pausing adwords campaigns?

Was check rankings earlier for some keywords, didn't want to affect impressions, so paused all relevant campaigns.
Checked a few SERPs manually, and my ads still showed up.

Given the massive jump in impressions, I think the bloody automated rank checking tool may also have triggered some ads.

Is there a delay between pausing your campaign and ads stopping showing?

One of Google's KPI's (Key Performance Indicators) is how fast they return results. If the search actually had to include actual search and ad planning then it would take a lot longer. It's all pre-planned. There isnt necessarily an actual search - the index is pre-prepared and then just parsed and ordered based on different factors. That's why if you're bidding €7 per click but your daily budget is €70 that you're account drops out at €50 - because they can't predict how many searches will occur and your budget will overreach - so they kill it before it reaches it.


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Ah, thanks for that.

Paused a new campaign and then ran Market Samurai to check ranking for dozens of keywords.
Noticed later on my impressions had suddenly spiked.
Bit of a pain consider it's clobbered my CTR. Also means short of turning off my ad campaign for a few hours I don't see how I can do further rank checking without affecting impressions/CTR.