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If we're wrestling with technical problems related to webmastering, here's what the real problem is, and how to solve it.

Webmaster forums are filled to overflowing with millions of online publishers asking an endless number of technical questions.

Wouldn't it be cool if there was a button we could push that would make all our technical problems go away? How about all our future technical problems? Let's make them go away too!

There is such a button! And it's very close by, and under our control! This button isn't on our computer or out there on the Net somewhere.

It's in our own mind.

Understanding The Real Problem

One way to solve technical problems is to see them as technical problems, and fight our way through them one by one as they come up.

Another way to solve technical problems is to see them as a vision problem, a confidence problem, a lack of faith problem.

That is, maybe the problem is that we lack enough confidence in our ourselves and our business model to hire someone to run the technical side of our online publishing business for us.

Maybe we have technical problems because we're thinking and acting, like amateurs. It's a vision thing!

This is a much more efficient way to view the problem, as it offers the opportunity to solve all our technical problems at once.

Are You A Nerd, Or Not?

Let's imagine I suggested that before you create a website you should learn how to program in php or perl and code your own Wordpress-like sitebuilder from scratch. First learn perl or php, and then code your own Wordpress?

What, am I crazy??? You would tell me I'm out of my mind and that only an idiot would do such a thing.

You would demand to know, why should you waste time learning how to do programming, when you could use that time instead to start writing, marketing and MAKING MONEY?

It's an excellent question, and you'd be right to ask it.

This same principle applies to all other technical questions as well. All of them.

If we're wrestling with technical problems related to webmastering, here's what the real problem is.

We don't have enough confidence in ourselves and our business model to outsource all the technical stuff to somebody who already knows how to do it.

Paying For Success

It doesn't have to be that expensive.

There are probably dozens of people on any webmaster forum who already know all about all webmaster technology and would be happy to serve as our technical department for a modest fee.

Why should we wrestle with Wordpress or some other publishing technology, when somebody else has already mastered it?

If our needs are common, we can probably hire this skilled labor for minimum wage or less. Lots of pretty smart people want the work.

Can We Afford It?

Some of us, probably most of us, will say we can't afford to make this investment in our business.

Well, ok, maybe. Let's examine this assumption.

How much do we spend at Starbucks each month? Let's see, five dollars a day, times 30 days a month... How much do we spend on going to the movies, buying MP3s, getting our car detailed, or any of a hundred other expenses that aren't really necessary?

If the one and only way to succeed at this was to spend a $150 a month to hire a technical assistant, what would our answer be? Find the money somewhere, or quit?

This is a useful question, because if we were to quit over such a modest investment in our business, maybe we aren't very serious, and perhaps should quit anyway?

We Really Can't Afford It!

Ok, let's assume we've examined our budget with an honest ruthless eye, and the money just isn't there. No kidding, really, it just is NOT there.

Ok, no problem, we can still move forward with the mindshift. Shifting our mindset is free, and we can start on it today.

Let's start planning towards the day when we will become real writers, real marketers, and turn everything technical over to the nerds.

Let's reach for the confidence to know our success is going to happen, and start planning so we can be ready for it. We ARE going to be big shots, too big to be bothered with all these little technical details.

Do famous writers try to fix their broken computers by themselves? No way, they're too busy being famous writers, so they hire somebody else to do it. That's us, that's where we're going, to be like that. Too good of a writer, too successful of a marketer, to be a nerd.

Technical problems are a vision problem. If we find our vision, faith and confidence, all our technical problems will go away once and for all.


PS: Just in case any of our nerd friends are offended, please know the author of this article is also a nerd. And yes, ok, ok, I admit it, I learned perl and coded my own sitebuilder from scratch. :)
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