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I am just here to warn everyone about Lets Host.

Here is my story:

I was looking for a VPS and I found Lets Host. Their site looked very reasonable and professional.

After ordering my VPS I waited 5 days and didn't get a reply and my VPS was still not setup.

So then I rang them and asked them whats the problem and they told me to open a support ticket and hung up on me.

So then I went and submitted a support ticket.
2 Days later I got a reply saying my VPS will be setup in an hour at them most.

So 5 Hours later I had a look and my VPS was still not setup.

The next day I rang them back up and I was furious. I told them and they hung up again.

3 Days later I finally got my welcome email.

I paid €21 for the VPS and only got at least half a month.

So after a month just before midnight I put in for a cancellation request. After midnight my laser was changed again.

I rang them up the next day and they said no refund and it was my own fault.

Now today my next invoice for this month is in and I requested cancellation 5 times and they emailed me back 5 times saying my VPS was canceled and please do not email them again.

Yet in the client area the VPS is stated as active and the invoice is still there.

I went to my VPS IP address and it seems one of their staff is now using it and have changed the root password.

So basically one of their staff is using the VPS and I am paying for it and they keep saying they will cancel it but they wont.

I have changed my CC details on their site so if they take money of my previous CC this month I will be seeing them in court.

Guys this is a warning, I don't trust Lets Host and I suggest you don't go wit them. They are scammers.

Please mods do not delete this. I just don't want people getting scammed like me.


- Lee
Sounds bad enough all right Lee, I'm guessing you've been very unlucky.

I've been using letshost for about 6 years or so now and haven't had a problem yet, quick to reply to problems, restored my site a couple of times even though it wasn't their fault.

Even transferring domain names from their account to godaddy or the likes, done within minutes.

Even after reading your post I would recommend them 100%.
Sorry to hear that Lee but I have to agree with Gary, I've had servers with LetsHost and also buy alot of domains off them.

Their support staff are always quick to reply and sort out problems. Ive messed up settings on new VPS servers when I first got one and their staff logged in and fixed it for free even though it was my fault.

I can't say a bad word about them.


We are not in the business of hanging up on customers or any of these practices you state. Such practices are not conducive to attracting new business and referrals.

If you have cancelled your VPS, your card should not be charged. If you email management@letshost.ie we will look into your issue and revert to you there.



I too am a VPS customer of LetsHost.

I had been with another host who I was unhappy with over poor levels of service. A friend suggested letshost to me as he found them to be extremely helpful and proactive in helping him get his server going.

I signed up for a VPS and to this day have been really impressed with their service. Some times I could send in a ticket and it would get answered within minutes, I could send another and it could be answered within a few hours (grand they could be busy helping other customers as they have a ticket queing system), some times they may answer the next day, fine with me, they could be even busier...

I've found them to be both highly professional and very personable at the same time. I can't reccommend letshost enough!

Now you may think I'm biased as I'm a happy customer of theirs, but rest assured, I've had experience of dealing with a lot of hosting companies in ireland and to me, letshost are the best out there..
Lee, I have to agree with the others here, I've been a customer of letshost for a few years now and never had any problems, they've always been very professional and quick with replies to issues.
I'd have to agree with Lee. I have had terrible experience with Letshost, would recommend staying well away from them for hosting anyway - if you just want to buy a domain name I think they're fine.
Hello 'DaraClare'

That's a little harsh from a poster with 1 post to their name. Would you like to PM us with your account that you've had with LetsHost and why you've had such an experience? Please include your personal details so we can pull up your account also.
I joined the forum to give me opinion - I don't think there are any rules against that. I don't think it was harsh at all and your language sounds a little intimidating, which doesn't improve my opinion of Letshost. It's a shame really as some people seem to have a good experience while others have quite a bad one.
No such rules exist - but if your complaint is genuine, it would be nice to back this up in private, so that we can excel to the service level you expect.


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I have to agree with all the other posters here who have no complaint with LetHost.

I have used them for many years and found their support second to none - on one occasion I sent a support ticket at 3 am and had a reply immediately and continued to bounce back and forth emails for a couple of hours until the problem was resolved!

Incidently, I also have a hosting account with Blacknight and I have never had to send a single support request to them, so that probably speaks for itself.

I would certainly recommend LetHost as my first choice for web hosting with Blacknight a close second.

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Gotta add my voice (or words) to this post. Having used LH services for almost 5 years they've always been contactable, approachable and flexible. I did have one serious issue last year but when I flagged it in a trouble ticket I got a call from Graeme directly to explain and apologise.
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